R.N & B.C Michell, Barwick farm, Tregony ,Truro , Cornwall. Tel:- 01872 530208

Nick and Barbara Michell live at Barwick Farm,Tregony,Truro Cornwall. We have the Mychell herd of Jerseys and have 60+ cows and 15 followers. The cows are set stocked on grass and buffer fed hay or silage in the summer, in winter they are fed on grass silage and a Bibby blend which is fed when the cows are milked. We are tenants on a 42 acre County Council farm, and have been living here for nearly five years. We started making butter and cream in April 1999 and currently sell our products at the local W.I markets and the Truro Farmers Market. We sell it as Cornish Jersey Farmhouse Butter & Cream.

How we make the butter.

We seperate the milk when we are milking to get the cream. it is pasturised and cooled quickly and turned into butter, and salt is added. The butter is then formed into half pound pats and individually wrapped and labelled. Here is a list of products that we currently produce:

Cornish Jersey:

Clotted Cream, Butter, Curd Cheese, Garlic Butter.

We also make and sell: Victoria cakes, plain & cheese scones, biscuits, apple pies and cheese cakes.

You can buy our products at:

Truro W.I market every Tuesday. Veryan and Portscatho W.l markets every Friday and The Truro Farmers Market every Saturday .