This is the homepage of Seamus McKinlay, figurative painter and graphic artist.


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Seamus is based in London, U.K., but has travelled extensively absorbing cross-cultural representational techniques in the two-dimensional form. He has studied and exhibited in Los Angeles, Berlin, St Petersburg, Florence and Colchester, besides his native London.

Most of Seamus's works are oil on canvas, although he also makes etchings and drawings in chalk and charcoal. He specialises in portraiture, both from life and the imagination, and figure compositions.

Seamus cites a broad spectrum of influences, from the Florentine Mannerism of the High Renaissance to Socialist Realism; from German Expressionism to the Glasgow School of the 1980's.

This site provides an on-line gallery of Seamus's work, in which the paintings are divided according to genre and displayed in thumbnail form. Click on each image to see it close up. Please sign the guestbook or contact Seamus via email, and feel free to comment on the works.


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