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Last Updated 29th August 1999


(if anyone wants to sell me pleiads - email me)

My all time favorite game

Pleiads Upright.
Manufactured by: Centuri
Year: 1981
Monitor Type:
  • Orientation: Vertical
  • Type: Raster: Standard Resolution
  • CRT: Color
Conversion Class: unique
Simultaneous number of Players: 1
Maximum number of Players: 2
Gameplay: Alternating
Control Panel Layout: Single Player
Sound: Amplified Mono - 1 channel

Overview Of Game

This is the sequel to Phoenix, a vertical space shooter.
The Title Screen Intro to Game

Until you enter a coin, the above displays & rolling demo are shown.
Press 1 Player and go Phase One - The battle commences
Click to hear the Arcade Sound!
Pressing 1 or 2 player starts the game, 2 Player is alternating battles between lives
Phase Two - The Hawks Phase Two - The Final Pink/Red Hawk
Click to hear the Arcade Sound No 2
Phase One consists of enemy ships appearing in scrolling waves.
Phase Two consists of hawk like ships that swoop down at your ship
Phase Three - The mothership Phase Three - The end of the mothership
Click to hear the Arcade Sound No 3
Phase Three's mothership can be completed by shooting all the tassles
Or by shooting all the enemy ships that protect the mothership.
Phase Four - Return to earth and dock your ship Phase Four - Let the docking commence
Click to hear the Arcade Sound! No 4
Phase Four is the final phase in the loop, you must dock your ship.
You must not hit any other ship, but can hit flags for extra points
To dock succsessfully you must guide your ship onto the crossfire at the end.
Phase Four - Success, fireworks, and starting again. No lives left ? Then its GAME OVER
If you manage to dock, then then game repeats but much harder & faster.
If you run out of lives, then its the usual greeting message!

This game, like many other people was part of my childhood, I spent many hours every year in a games room, in a caravan park in South Wales. Although to the annoyance of the camp manager, we were able to use the spin the 2p into the money slot to gain a credit instead of paying the 10p required.
I am seeking this arcade in either cocktail or upright or just the pcb
If you can oblige please email me!
Actual screenshot of pleiads in cocktail case


Only just starting!

Fruit Machine JPM MoneyGame Deluxe PICTURE WORKING
Video Machine manu title PICTURE WORKING
Video PCB manu Donkey Kong PICTURE WORKING


Nothing At the moment unless you wish to trade Donkey Kong for Pleaides PCB :)


(C) OG's 1999
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