updated 24th Jan 2005

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 Sandra Brown won the title of

Scotswoman of the year 2005

see the pdf document for details.

She is nationally recognised largely due to the publication of her best seller ' Where there is Evil '-subject of a 2000 Cutting Edge television documentary- and now published in numerous overseas countries. Successful sales of her hardback and paperback ensured the 2000 Launch of The Moira Anderson Foundation, a new national Scottish agency which believes in "Tackling Child Abuse Together." The charity's central aim is to support children and families affected by abuse, particularly in cases going to court. It also sees the awareness of Protective Behaviours Training in future generations as crucial. Sandra is available as a trainer and conference speaker.Courses she delivers are of benefit to everyone, adults and children - Protective Behaviours is relevant for teachers and parents, for health and social workers, for counsellors and child protection workers, and for the police.

Building on some very personal experiences, Sandra speaks from a very well qualified position. She has some thirty years experience in education and training in areas covering childcare to stress management.Also qualified in counselling, Sandra works tirelessly against all forms of abuse.She has published a number of educational articles and runs on a voluntary basis a national counselling and information helpline for those whose lives are intolerable because of workplace bullying. She runs her own company, a training consultancy called Potential Plus, and as well as delivering workshops and seminars tailored to her clients' own requirements, finds time to speak in public and run awareness-raising training on bullying and all forms of abuse.

The Moira Anderson Foundation has held successful conferences to mark September as Month of Action for Child Sexual Abuse Awareness. "Child Protection- It's Everybody's Business" (2001) and "Sins of the Fathers" (2002) have brought interesting and thought-provoking speakers together, such as Ray Wyre, UK sex offences expert,and Ann Lindsay, a subject of Kirsty Wark's BBC series "Lives Less Ordinary."

Operational since 2002, the Safe House has been used by many families, and individuals who need a space where they can feel away from pressure and intimidation. Children, all too often, are frightened by perpetrators who wish statements to be retracted and who will go to immense lengths to prevent witnesses who have disclosed from giving evidence in court. Others just need respite and a quiet calm place to prepare for what is ahead. For these reasons, users have found the Foundation's Safe House invaluable.

Sandra wasSecretary of the Cross-Party Working Group from Autumn, 2000 till June 2003. The purpose of this group is to devise a National Strategy to support victims, and ensure vulnerable witnesses are able to give evidence without further trauma.

The Moira Anderson Foundation is based in Airdrie, Monklands, but is a national service for referrals. A network of counsellors assist the work of supporting children, who are the primary victims of abuse, and co-victims who may also need advice and information. Families and individuals affected by the stress of court cases are able to access the facilities provided in what is Scotland's first Safe House. This has been operational in 2002, and will be nationally promoted in 2003. The premises consist of a modern two bedroom furnished flat decorated to a high standard which can provide privacy, relaxation and security for 4/5 persons at no cost to clients.