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What, a new name? Yup! Because we now have loads of GIRLS pics, and BOYS pics too!!!

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15/01/2001 - Whats coming up soon
11/01/2001 - fixed videos and S Club News
08/01/2001 - 850 new pictures
04/01/2001 - New Collages
31/12/2000 - Just to let you know, and Happy New Year
30/12/2000 - New video (Natural) and S Club 7 News
26/12/2000 - New Videos Site, Plus juicy video of Rachel!!! [fixed]
24/12/2000 - New Site Name!!!
23/12/2000 - One Year Birthday, plus massive pics update!!!


TGOSC7 Tip: The pictures in the "Special Collages" section are some of the best S Club pictures you can get on the net!

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