Avebury 3D Tour CD2

A companion to Avebury Tour CD or a stand alone exploration of the Avebury stones using
3D  model surrounds and panoramics.
Every standing stone is photographed from every angle.
Including the latest excavations at Falkners circle and Kennet Avenue
by the Negotiating Avebury Project during August/September 2002.
Also included are the recently discovered lost photographs of Avebury historian
Dennis Grant King.
Over 50 black & white prints of the Keiller excavations in the 1930's that have never
been published anywhere before.
Many photographs of the old houses of Avebury being demolished and the stones being re erected.
Over 50 panoramics of the CropCircle formations around Avebury and Pewsey Vale
over the last 4 years.
Another unique view of the Avebury stones.
PC only.

Customers & Visiters Comments;
Avebury in amazing photographs!
(Aubrey Burl)

A million thanks for the CD, it is
a brilliant resource! Every time I dip in I find new stuff hidden away.
(Dr. Mark Gillings; The Negotiating Avebury Project)

Cd arrived fine - all I can say is wow! and thanks.
It's an amazing piece of work!
(Paul Cripps. Systems Developments Officer, Wessex Archaeology.)

Thank you, once again, for the wonderful stuff you showed us - magic...
(Roger Bolton, Music Producer, Avebury)

The work that goes in to 'morphing' the images together (I see there are
loads of pics per panorama) must be huge.
I will play some more.
(Paul & Vickey Morgan)

What a marvelous show!  From a world away, its a rare gift.
(Sue Lay, Media Center, Perry High School)

Absolutely stunning! It would be worthy of a corner in the museum as a
multimedia exhibit.
(Andy Burnham, the Megalithic Portal)

Thanks, peter! Please tell me of any more updates.
It's a thrill to turn on the auto spin and feel I'm there among the stones.
(Shelagh McKenna)

Avebury Tour  has 180 astonishing 360-degree photographic panoramas.
They are arranged in tours: the Beckhampton Avenue walk takes you through
the 2000 excavations, where you realise what a unprecedented record is now
possible with digital imaging. There is also a transcript (thus searchable),
with the engravings, of Stukeleys' 1743 Abury text.
A must for Avebury fans.
(Dr Mike Pitts, Archaeologist and Current Archaeology Co-Editer,)

Avebury Tour CD 1

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