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Contents of CD 2

by Pete Glastonbury
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These run directly from the CD.

selection of photographs of astronomical events around Avebury and Stonehenge.
  a selection of photographs of the Avebury henge from the air.

'Avebury Buried Stones'
  a selection of the best photographs of the stones discovered since 1999 that have since been reburied.
'Avebury Dig 1999'
'Avebury Dig 2000'
'Avebury Dig 2002'
'Avebury Dig 2003'
'Avebury Dig 2004'
  a selection of photographs of the archaeological digs at Avebury from 1999 to 2004
'Avebury Smaller Circles' 
  a selection of photographs of the smaller stone circles found around the Avebury complex
'Avebury Cove Repairs'
  a selection of photographs of the repair and excavations at the Cove during 2003
'Avebury Postcards'
  a selection of rare postcards from Avebury dating from 1862.
'British Henges'
  a selection of photographs of some of the more famous Henges in the UK including;
 Avebury, Stonehenge, Woodhenge, Marden, Thornborough, Priddy, Gorsey Bigbury, Hutton Moor, Arbor Low, and Dorchester.

'British Hillfigures'
  from the Uffington White Horse to the Longman of Wilmington and the Cerne Abbas Giant.
'Priddy Henges'
  a flight over the Priddy henge complex on the Mendips in Somerset.
  a flight over the Thornborough henge complex  in Yorkshire.
  a flight along the Wansdyke linear earthworks in Wiltshire.
'Silbaby Hill'
 a selection of photographs from the ground and from the air of the recntly uncovered and little know barrow near Silbury hill nicknamed 'Silbaby'
'Silbury Hill Grand Tour'
  a selection of photographs of Silbury thoughout an entire year from the same spots on the ground and from the air.
'Winterbourne River year'
  a selection of photographs of the Winterbourne River facing Silbury hill throughout an entire year.
 From the first flows of the waters in January to the river filling with water and drying up again.

Screensavers include,
Avebury under snow,
British Henges from the air,
Silbury Hill double Rainbow,
Silbury Hill Year,
Thornborough Henges from the air,
Wansdyke views from Tan Hill,
Wansdyke in Westwoods covered in bluebells,
Winterbourne River, a year in the life.
These files should be placed into the Windows folder to view.

The Software package Starry Night Enthusiast Digital Download Trial  is included on CD 2.
Panoramic Horizons of the following sites can be viewed using this package.

Arbor Low
Avebury Cove
Avebury Obelisk
Avebury South
Beckhampton Cove
West Kennet Cove site
Fox Covert, Beckhampton
Knoll Down
The Sanctuary at Avebury
Silbury from the North, East, South and West
Silbaby barrow
Stonehenge Avenue
Stonehenge Cursus
Woodhenge near Stonehenge
Marden Henge, Wiltshire
Mayburgh Henge
Dragon Hill, Uffington
Castlerigg stone circle
Long Meg stone circle
Stanton Drew stone circle from inside the large main circle and the smaller nearby circle.
Long barrows include Adam's Grave, West Kennet and Stoney Littleton.

Starry Night allows you to view the stars and planets at any time during history.
You can see what is happening any night from the centre of these megalithic sites including
solar and lunar eclipses as well as unusual planetary activity such as close encounters and comets.
You can create your own panoramic horizons to view within this amazing astronomy package.
(Read the file 'Installation.txt' to learn how to install the horizon panorama files)

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