Grenada's Open Gardens

This page has been created to enable those visitors to Grenada, who are interested in gardening, to find places of interest, created by like minded people.  They display the myriad forms of the tropical plants which have been lovingly collected over many years, and which have been carefully laid out in landscaped garden settings.

Gardens Open To the Public

The property sits just below the ruins of the historic Governor General's residence at the top of a natural ampitheatre which was formed by the crater of an extinct volcano. It overlooks The Lagoon, the port, Fort George and part of the town of St. Georges, with a magnificent view to the South of the island, Grand Anse Beach and Point Salines peninsula.

In Hyde Park's one and a half acres you will see an abundance and variety of palms, cycads, crotons, heliconias, bougainvillea and other tropical plants.

Hyde Park also houses a unique collection of orchids which have been gathered over the decades which the owners Fay & John Miller have spent living and working in numerous countries in the Caribbean and Central America.

Hyde Park Garden, which is situated on Woolwich Road, in Grenada's capital city of St. Georges, is open to the public by appointment only, (Morning Tour: Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri ~ or Sunset Tour: inc wine, sandwiches
5-7pm). Tours can be arranged either through the tour desk at your hotel, or directly by calling Hyde Park at Tel:  473-440-8395 or by E-mail:

Tours can also be arranged prior to departing the UK by calling(Edinburgh) 0131-202-3103 or from North America (Toronto) 416-628-8714.
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Joydon is situated in the pretty hills of St Paul's, 3 miles from the capital St George's, this property is approximately 3 acres in size.

The house was built in 1983 and the garden has been in constant development since then. One of its special features is the superb view of the south of the island.  Being 900 ft above sea level, there is a 180 degree view of the sea taking in both the Atlantic and Caribbean waters.

The garden is well stocked with a large variety of flowering trees, shrubs, plants and lawns all well positioned for maximum colour effect.   A pretty private garden that can be viewed in conjunction with Sunnyside by appointment through Sunsation Tours.

Contact: Sunsation Tours and Rentals
Tel:  (473) 444 1594
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Come and enjoy nature's scent and sound of our Garden.   Your experience will be made enchanting with Grenadian Herbs, Spices and Medicinal Plants all laid out along easy to walk trails.

Contact: Mary Barry
Address: Laura Lands, St. Davids, Grenada, West Indies
Tel: (473) 443 2604
Fax: (473) 443 2600
Hours: Monday - Friday 8am to 4pm. Weekends and holidays by appointment
Admission: $2.00 USD or $5.00 ECD

This is a town garden on the site of the old Priory, which was built in the mid to late 18th century, with a wide variety of sun-loving shrubs, climbers, succulents and other tropical plants. A veritable oasis in the middle of the bustling town of St George's.

The Priory, Church Street, St George's, Grenada, West Indies
Garden tours by appointment only
Contact: Patricia Banas
Tel: (473) 440 2170

Described by American Horticultural Society as, "the most extensive nursery in the Caribbean" (in terms of variety of plants).

The Garden contains a collection of rare and unusual plants, trees and palms. Of great interest to the tropical plant enthusiast.

St Rose Nursery, PO Box 21, St. George's Estate, St. George's, West Indies
Tel: (473) 440 5870
Fax: (473) 440 0486
Owner: John Criswick
Open 8am to 4pm every day except Sunday. Unguided tour of garden and nursery US $6.00 or EC$15.00 per person. Entry free to those purchasing one plant minimum.

The garden, is probably Grenada's most beautifully presented private garden and was shown on Britain's Channel 4 TV Network in "Gardens of the Caribbean".   Five acres in all, 100 year old mahogany trees shade exotic hibiscus hybrids and bromeliads.

Cuban royal palms & bottle palms distinguish the top front lawn.  There is a pond with Japanese Koi Carp, a citrus grove, travellers palms, an African Baobab and cashew nut trees, nutmeg, & other exotic flora.

Tours by appointment only.
If staying on the Island: through Sunsation Tours (
If on an organised cruise ship tour, details may be obtained from Geo F Huggins & Co Ltd
(473) 440 2747
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This 30-year-old tropical paradise is a must for all garden enthusiasts, the only one of its kind in Grenada.   It's a mixture of the old and the new, divided between the house, the garden, and the forest. The garden hosts over 5,000 varieties of plants.  Nature certainly hits you in the face as you stroll through the well-established trails of the Sugar Mill ruins.

You can choose between a guided tour or to wander on your own equipped with your information pack.   End your tour with a refreshing drink, whilst choosing from local products on sale.

Contact: Albert St Bernard
Tel: (473) 435 4544
Web Page:
*Entrance fee charged

The Tower is a hundred year old private home in well-established gardens nestled in the hills of St. Paul's in the south-east of the island.   About two acres of landscaped grounds consist of beds of massed tropical flowers and foliage and examples of the main fruit and spices grown locally.  The two hour long tours from 4 to 6 pm on selected days include both the house and garden.

Name: The Tower
Owners: Victoria and Paul Slinger
Location: St. Paul's Grenada
Contact for tours: Only through St. James Tours and Travel
Tel:  (473) 439 2828

Note:  Descriptions of gardens are as supplied by the owners

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